Step into an experience of the Townsville floods


Surreal - Stories of the Townsville Floods 2019

As part of remembrance of the 2019 Townsville Floods this website hosts a playlist of stories from Townsville residents who offered their time to record an interview in July 2019. 


Surreal - the final mix

Check out the final mix of Surreal where our storyteller's experiences are combined so you can experience the flood "as it happened". Each story can be played in full from the playlist below.


The stories are between 8-30 minutes long. They aim to faithfully  represent 

the experience "as told" by our storytellers and to allow the listener to walk in their shoes. 

Scroll to see all the available stories.



Maree is a Hermit Park resident. Previously a very anxious person Maree said her experience of loss and rebuilding have made her more relaxed and patient.

I'll Never Feel Safe Again

 Audrey was evacuated from Rosslea at the height of the flood. She describes her life as a “rollercoaster” which has some metaphorical correlates in her story. Audrey, Patricia and Loon travel together after taking refuge at a friend’s house.

We Packed a Megaphone

Patricia and Loon were evacuated from Rosslea in a tinnie at the height of the flood. Their story has some great insights into how to cope with changing circumstances during disasters. 

My Brave Face

Emily is a 13 year old resident of Annandale. She reads her account of the the flood weekend  and the evacuation with her Dad, brother and pet dog.

Life Full-Circle

Sue is from Rosslea. Her story reflects what so many residents in the flood zones experienced; complacency, loss of communications and evacuation.

A Joyful Day

Claire and James live in Railway Estate. They left early as Claire was heavily pregnant and her daughter was born during the flood. There is the sense of how in the midst of disaster life goes on.

Mum Kicked off her Shoes

Neil’s mother passed at the height of the flood. He describes the surreal passage of life to death with a light touch.

Car Mechanics LOL

Tracie was evacuated from Railway Estate. Her story has some moments that in hindsight she can laugh at.


Phil is a police sergeant whose story gives us a sense of the dedication and empathy of the emergency services personnel who worked tirelessly during the flood.

1 in 100 years

Yetta is a researcher from James Cook University. Yetta gives us some background about Townsville and the flood event. If you think you know what a 1 in 100 year event is listen to this segment and make sure you do.


Thanks to Umbrella Studio and Townsville City Library who provided interview spaces.