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NAFA Fringe Townsville


As part of NAFA fringe we are inviting you to do an interview and tell us your stories about the Townsville flood. Your interview will be dontated to the local history collection at City Library. Parts of your interview may be used in a collection of short stories.

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There are two places left at Umbrella pop up studio on Sunday July 28th.

You can book an interview by emailing 

Remaining times are 9.15am and 12 noon.

Look for the 2020 branding at 380 Flinders Street opposite City Lane.



Kate Osborne and her collaborators write and produce stories about social innovation and relationships between the natural environment, science and society.  Kate's goal is to document ideas, businesses and people that foster sustainable living and to tell stories that bring the our history and our future into sharper focus.

Interview times

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Flood Stories


During the Flood

We want to capture your experience when the water was rising. 


About the Flood

Do you want to understand what happened? We will interview some experts to get their version of the event.


After the Flood

Whether your story is funny, heartbreaking or if you just want others to be able to share in your experience - we want to hear your story.

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Flood Stories - Townsville 2019